Intumescent fire stopping materials

The reliable and aesthetic fireproofing seals

PROMASEAL® offers reliable, flexible and aesthetic fire stopping seals that can expand up to 20 times their original volume in the event of fire. PROMASEAL® is based on superior graphite technology and offers superior protection against fire, as well as hot and cold gases.

How can you benefit from PROMASEAL®

  • Reliable, aesthetic fire-stopping seal
  • High expansion factor
  • Free from organic solvents
  • Easy to install

PROMASEAL® is most commonly used for

  • Door closers
  • Fire doors and gates
  • Fire dampers
  • Expansion joints
  • Glazing
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Variants of PROMASEAL®


Intumescent seal for metal doors, gates and fire dampers in walls and floors that expands at 190 °C.


Intumescent seal for timber doors, glazings, panels, inspection doors, façades and building joints in walls and floors that expands at 150 °C.


Flexible intumescent protection seal that expands at 190 °C.


Intumescent seal for glazings that expands at 300 °C.


Intumescent seal for protection against hot gases (smoke and fire), cold gases, draft and noise. Expands at 190 °C.

PROMASEAL® Stamped parts

Custom-made intumescent seals designed to customer specifications.

PROMASEAL® Granulates

Intumescent granulates for injection in moulded parts that expand at 190 °C.
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