High-density calcium silicate boards

The insulation board for the Aluminium industry

MONALITE® high density calcium silicate insulation boards are designed specifically for use in aluminium casting, the foundry and furnace industries, and other process industries. MONALITE® can withstand peak temperatures of 1,000 °C and is ideal for contact with molten metals.

How can you benefit from MONALITE®

  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Non-wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Resistant to wear
  • Non-reactive to lubricants such as boron nitride or graphite

MONALITE® is most commonly used for

  • Launders and dams
  • Billet and ingot casting
  • Continuous casting
  • Low pressure die casting
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Variants of MONALITE®


The standard MONALITE® insulation board with a bulk density of 850 kg/m³.


Insulation board with a higher strength and dimensional stability and a bulk density of 970 kg/m³.
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