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Promat offers you a complete range of products and systems to design and build the passive fire protection solution you need. All our solutions are fully certified and tested. Do you need help to make the right choice? Don't hesitate to contact our technical sales team for expert advice. 


Promat offers a full range of products for passive fire protection.


Fire protective boards are an essential part of the fire safety of a building. They can be used for example to protect structures (steel, concrete, timber and composite), create fire compartmentation and for ducts that control the heat and smoke during a fire.

Promat produces one of the most complete and efficient ranges of boards on the market, benefiting from the wide range of technologies available within the ETEX Group, including the patented PROMAXON® calcium silicate and PromaX® technologies. Promat boards are fully tested by independent accredited institutes are non-combustible and have the longest durability according to the most severe standards. Promat board protection systems are designed for easy installation, high jobsite productivity and with respect for the health of installers and users. Various board products are available to suit the requirements for fire resistance, acoustic and preferred installation methods.

Spray Coatings

Fire protective sprays are often used to protect steel and concrete structures against fire. A fire protective spray is made of powder mixed with water using a machine to produce a paste. The paste can be pumped and sprayed, enabling fast application even on structures of complex geometries.


Promat produces plaster-based sprays and cementitious sprays of low and high densities. For each project, the ideal choice is available dependent on the fire resistance requirement, jobsite conditions, installation speed and durability requirements.


Intumescent Paints

Intumescent paints protect a concrete, steel or timber structure against fire by reacting under the influence of the heat of the fire, forming an insulating layer of foam. Intumescent paints offer the aesthetical advantage of showing the shape of the structure and are extremely light. For timber structures, transparent intumescent paint offers fire protection while preserving the architectural value.

Promat offers different intumescent paints to suit the type of structure to be protected, the required fire resistance rating and durability requirements, even for external application.

Fire Stopping

Installation of a firestop system is crucial to maintain the fire resistance of a fire separation that has openings (service penetrations, open cavities or joints) that could allow fire or hot smoke to pass to any other part of the building. Effective fire-stopping in fire resisting separating elements plays a critical role in containing a fire at its source. It is essential that all openings and gaps are fire-stopped to restrict fire spread

Promat provides several integrated and effective fire stopping solutions, including the successful and easy to install PROMASTOP® and PROMASEAL® systems. All the Promat systems and products are certified for high fire-resistant rating, are conform to the main international standards and have proven durability.

Adhesives & Finishing

In order to ensure the performance of its systems, Promat offers a wide range of compounds, glues and coatings which, combined with the range of Promat boards, guarantee the fire resistance and durability performance of the systems.


Promat offers 2 ranges of glazing products, based upon unique technologies,  with high-quality passive fire protection performance:

Promat-SYSTEMGLAS and PROMAGLAS come from a technology approved and recognized for many years: a glazing composed of floats of laminated glass, assembled by layers of intumescent gel which abound in the event of fire. The number of floats and the thickness of the glass influence the fire performance (EI 30 to EI 90) *.

The Promat-SYSTEMGLAS F1 and PROMAGLAS F1 glazing systems benefit from their own technology: glazings composed of two safety toughened glasses, maintained by a spreader, with a layer of thermo-reactive gel in the centre. The thickness of the gel will vary depending on the duration of fire resistance (up to EI 120)*. The heat-reactive gel used is insensitive to humidity and U.V. Used especially for larger volumes.

Promat also offers accessories such as silicones, tapes, frames, blocks, brackets


Promat offers a full range of systems for passive fire protection.

Structural Protection

The main structure of a building needs a reliable passive fire protection to maintain its load bearing capability in case of fire. Promat offers you excellent solutions to cover and protect your load bearing structure (steel, concrete, wood, composite), taking into account local regulations and aesthetic criteria.

Compartmentation : Keeping the fire where it is

Efficient compartmentation is proven to be the best solution to contain fire and avoid it spreading throughout the building. Promat offers architects, engineers and installers special fire boards that combine ease of installation with exceptional fire resistance to fireproof ceilings, floors and partitions . Complete them with fire resistant glass and fire doors to create compartments that will keep the fire in and allow people to evacuate safely.

Fire Stopping

A compartment needs high quality fire stopping solutions to guarantee its performance. As specialized installers create transitions for cables, ducts or piping, our collars and wraps are installed to safeguard the compartment. In case of fire, the intumescent collars with expandable graphite seal off the partition to prevent the spread of fire.


Ventilation & Smoke Extraction

Smoke extraction is a crucial element in controlling fire and protecting people. Studies show that smoke is a main source for the spreading of fire through a building. In addition, toxic gasses can block the exits of the building. This is why smoke extraction is so crucial. Promat offers a unique and maintenance free solution for smoke extraction and ventilation.  

Fire Resistant Glass Partitions and Doors


Promat solutions support innovative aesthetic exclusive design glass systems while ensuring the highest standard in passive fire protection.

Fire-resistant glass walls and integrate fire-resistant doors can be used wherever building regulations prescribe the use of compartmentation components to contain fire and protect the building. The Promat glazing and door systems combine fully tested fire protection with maximum light and visibility.

Every architect and engineer is increasingly confronted with the challenge of designing aesthetic room solutions with fire-resistant glass with maximum transparency and openness. As an experienced manufacturer of integrated passive fire protection systems,  Promat gives you full service and personalised advice. We help you to implement your ambitious aesthetic designs ideas while respecting the local fire safety regulations for your building project. We bring you the optimal fire-resistant glazing solution, in line with your local standards and regulations for passive fire protection, construction requirements, noise protection and mechanical protection. This is why the passive fire protection experts of Promat helps you with full technical support during the design and building process and that with the focus on the exclusive Promat SYSTEMGLAS glazing- and all-glass-door systems.

 Promat offers you a wide range of glazing elements * to design the solution that fits with your architectural vision:

 All glass doors EI 30 *:  in single or double version

 Promat SYSTEMGLAS, butt-jointed all-glass walls without glass partition profiles: EI 30 * to EI 120 *  possible in combination with door systems

 Promaglas post and rails glass walls with studs/ beams in steel or timber frames: EI 30 * to EI 120 * also possible in combination with door systems

 Glass-frame installation sets: to install in partition walls EI 30 * to EI 120 *.

* please coordinate with your local Promat office to find the best solution for your project




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